What Is Dermabrasion?

Chemical peel is a treatment with chemical solution applied to the skin, which makes it initially blister old skin, which eventually peels off. The new skin is smoother with less wrinkles than the old skin, thus, improving the skin’s appearance.

This treatment is done on the face, neck, or hands in two forms. The deep treatment is done annually with a longer recovery period. While the superficial treatment has less down time and discomfort and uses a machine that delivers less solution allowing for monthly or bimonthly treatments depending on the patient characteristics.

Both are used to

  • Reduce the lines under the eyes
  • Improve the lines around the mouth
  • Treat aging skin wrinkles
  • Treat sun damage wrinkles
  • Decrease age spots & freckles,
  • Treat dark patches (melasma) associated with pregnancy and  birth control pills
  • Improve the look and feel of skin
  • Improve scar appearance
  • Treat severe acne

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