Breast Lift & Reductions

Breast Lift & Reductions

What Is A Breast Uplift

Breast uplift is a procedure that removes extra loose skin, lifts and reshapes the breast to look like it’s a more youthful shape. It will help with making the breasts firmer and higher. You will become more comfortable socially and personally.

Who should get this procedure? If you have droopiness of the breast caused by motherhood, pregnancy, nursing with distension of the breasts with milk, and the force of gravity causing the fibrous bands to break down and the skin to stretch. The breast well starts aging because of the constraint.

Before Your Operation

Dr. Simon Bachir, MD, board-certified surgeon, will examine you to see if you have any illnesses in the present or the past. The surgeon will list all the medications you are on. Also, including herbal remedies and medicines you’re taking that are not prescribed by your doctor. Some surgeons will take a photograph of your breast for medical records and will also ask you if you want someone with you for your examination. You will also have to sign consent from taking, storing, and using the photographs.

Dr. Bachir will also measure your height to make sure that the operation is safe for you. If he finds you are overweight or planning to become pregnant. He may want you to delay the surgery.

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